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Baobab Collection has been using raffia as material for the summer collections of its scented candles for the past three years. This noble material is crocheted by hand by Malagasy women artisans who are part of a rural community located a few kilometers from Antananarivo, commonly called “Tana” and also known as the capital of Madagascar.

Baobab Collection kicked off this project with 25 female workers. Today, they are 66. Their knowledge of this traditional craft allows them to feed their families.

Most of these women receive training on the art of crochet from their mothers or grandmothers. Baobab Collection’s creative director strive to challenge them in their art by asking them to follow the strict and complex creative codes that this technique demands as they crochet and translate increasingly sophisticated designs to material, in accordance with each collection’s theme.


It is necessary to ensure the continued existence of this project and to show each and every worker that they are important to Baobab Collection and that they have the enduring support of the brand. This endeavor gives meaning to Baobab Collection’s work, and to theirs.

The artisans who work in the cooperative are Leontine, Mina, Nadia, Hary, Violette, Tsila-vina, Celine, Eliane, Felana, Menja, Haingo, Patricia, Anitra, Taina, Mbola, Vero, Pauline, Larissa, Faneva, Fanomezana, Regine, Perline, Jacqueline, Annie, Nirina, Lanto, Violette, Clairette, Noro, Sylvia, Hary, Ravaca, Ravo, Lova, Koly, Fran-cine, Sila, Feno, Voni, Sabine, Tsanta, Nambinina, Saohly, Ravo, Hassina, Larissa, Sarindra, Eva, Clémence, Salohy, Maria, Yvonne, Josepha, Charlotte, Fara, Lisie, Irene, Anitra, Clara, Solo, Nantenaina, Zara, Evah, Tdylon, Patrick and Harry.

We thank them.

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