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For the summer 2016 collection, Baobab Collection draws its inspiration from its African roots and breathes life into an artistic and human project.
The M Project honors the handmade work of artisans, natural materials, and the island of Madagascar with a Slow Design concept.

The island of Madagascar is known for its incredible landscape and extensive nature, including the widest variety of baobab trees in the world. Raffia, a natural fiber that comes from palms (Raffia Farinifera,) is primarily found in the northwest part of the island. This natural resource makes up 20% of the country’s GDP. The M Project takes place in a country that, according to the World Bank, is the poorest country in the world.

The Malagasy people use this natural fiber to make delightful creations with a unique technique passed down from generation to generation. For these crocheted creations to come to life, the raffia is first harvested, sorted, dried and then dyed. One day is needed to create a Max 16 candle, two days for a Max 24 candle and three days for a Maxi Max candle. This project upholds one of the core values of Slow Design*: Respect for individuals and their environment.

The M Project combines the minimalist traditions of the Belgian house and the geometric patterns of Africa. When looking at the M Project, it is important to look beyond aesthetics at the energy that Baobab Collection has poured into supporting and honoring the artisans and their expertise. Paying tribute to these artisans is also made possible with the help of the renowned Belgian photographer Serge Anton, who has captured the beauty of Madagascar and its inhabitants.

*: Slow designs take into consideration a wide range of materials and social factors with the goal of seeking a holistic approach to design. It puts an emphasis on objects that promote the sustainability and respect of people and nature.



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