The Sacred Trees Club is Baobab Collection's exclusive loyalty program designed to enhance your fragrance experience and reward your loyalty.

To join, simply create an account here. During registration, provide your name, email and birth date. Each member must have a unique email address associated with their account. If you already have an account - you’ve already been enrolled in our rewards program so you can simply sign in and start earning points!

The Sacred Trees Club is structured into 4 different tiers based on points accumulated on a yearly basis. The stages and benefits are as follows. One point is equivalent to one dollar spent. 

  • The Seedling Member (Up to 499 points): Redeem your points for exclusive gifts. Shipping of gifts is subject to a charge if no additional product is purchased.
  • The Sapling Advocate (500 points to 999): Step into the sophisticated tier with a surprise birthday gift, free shipping on gifts and exclusive pre-access to new collections (48h). 
  • The Arboreal Guardian (1,000 points to 2,000): Ascend to the realm of refined fragrance with a surprise birthday gift, free shipping on gifts, exclusive pre-access to new collections (48h) and access to VIP events.  
  • The Patron of the Sacred Trees (2,000 points or more): Become a true maestro of scents and enjoy unparalleled privileges: a surprise birthday gift, free shipping on gifts, exclusive pre-access to new collections (48h), access to VIP events and access to Archive Sales. 

The program's rewards, perks, and promotions remain accessible until inventory depletion or the expiration date for time-limited items and can be modified at any time.

Your Sacred Trees tier status remains valid for a 12-month period starting from the moment you achieve a particular tier. To continue enjoying the benefits of your tier, you need to accumulate enough points within this 12-month period. The benefits will persist for 12 months unless you upgrade to the next tier. For instance, if a customer reaches the second tier on April 15th, 2024, they maintain that tier status until April 15th, 2025. If the customer accumulates points throughout the year and qualifies for tier 3, the new 12-month period will start from the date he enters tier 3.

Members can earn points by making purchases on the Baobab Collection US website or in our Flagship Stores in New-York and Los Angeles. One point is equivalent to one dollar spent. 

Earn Social Behavior Points too!  

  • Earn 50 points when you refer a friend. You will receive it when your friend makes a purchase from Baobab Collection and joins our Loyalty Program. Your friend will also enjoy 50 points after their first order. 
  • Boost your Sacred Tree Club experience by scoring an extra 15 points when you follow any of our accounts: Facebook and Instagram.  

For an online purchase, points are credited when the order is fullfilled.

For an in-store purchase, points are immediately credited to your account.

For a referral, points are credited when your friends makes their first purchase.

To claim rewards, login to your account on the Baobab Collection US website or visit one of our Flagship stores in the US.

If you redeem online, go to the Sacred Trees Club page and choose the product you want to redeem. The product will be automatically added to your cart.

In the first tier (Seedling Member), if no other purchase is made, members have to pay for shipping for their gifts. In the second (Sapling Advocate), third (The Arboreal Guardian) and fourth tiers (The Patron of the Sacred Trees) they will benefit from free shipping for their gifts. 

Here are the different gifts that the member can redeem with their points: 

  • Hand cream: 300 points  
  • Hand wash gel: 500 points  
  • Max 10 candle: 1200 points 
  • Duo diffuser 500ml & Max 10 candle: 2500 points

If you cancel your order, the corresponding points for the purchase will be deducted from your account. Rewards and benefits are subject to the successful completion of purchases.

Other benefits, excluding physical gifts, will be automatically applied to your account based on the points accumulated.

Your points will expire one year after you’ve earned them. Redeem your points within one year to get exclusive gifts!