A brand at the forefront of the creation of olfactory and aesthetic objects. Drawing its inspiration from African lands, the Belgian brand's interior perfumes have been established as decorative objects since 2002.

A pioneer in the creation of large multi-wick candles, Baobab Collection continues to expand its range, always seeking to create refined objects with sophisticated fragrances that are thought of as skin scents. Like a manifesto, a commitment, choosing a Baobab Collection scented candle or an interior diffuser means deciding to live an aesthetic and olfactory experience, to belong to a tribe whose intimate desire is to dress their home with a soulful complement.


The brand's values are those of great craftsmanship. It is necessary to praise these unique skills, to recognise the dexterity of the hand that casts the wax little by little into the mouth-blown glass.

We must also pay tribute to the master glassblowers who blow the glass so that each piece is a unique object, and to our Grasse perfumers who search for the most precious essences. They translate our most romantic stories or our travel desires into a perfume. We take particular care with the quality of our raw materials, which come mainly from Europe.

We are proud to have been able to bring together, in our workshops, new expertise such as engraving and painting on glass or the application of gold and silver silk-screen printing. This addition of know-how is at the service of the creation of constantly innovative and decorative products.


Our permanent collections of scented candles and home fragrances are enriched each year with limited editions following the rhythm and trends of fashion.

Baobab Collection swiftly captivated audiences with its unique scented candles, each one a vibrant celebration of Africa’s diverse landscapes through rich colors and evocative fragrances. Over time, the brand expanded its range to include additional collections such as Pearls, Stones, Les Exclusives and Les Prestigieuses.

The launch of My First Baobab has created a new playful world of small candles and diffusers. Alongside the permanent collections and following fashion inspirations, two limited editions of scented candles and perfume diffusers are created each year. A new universe, bringing together our expertise in glass decoration and fragrance creation, is then developed each season to offer an irresistible aesthetic and olfactory experience.

In addition to our scented candles, you can also discover your favorite fragrances embodied in a perfume diffuser. Its impressive design harmonizes perfectly with the brand's identity, serving both as an olfactory experience and a refillable decorative object.