Home Diffusers & Totems

Handcrafted by our artisans, our home fragrance diffusers and totems are exclusive decorative objects that spread a unique fragrance throughout your home. Divided into 8 distinct scent families, our diffuser fragrances are complex creations that invite you on an extraordinary sensorial journey. Create a warm ambience in your home and enjoy a unique olfactory experience with our handcrafted room diffusers and totems.

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Home Diffusers & Totems

True luxury items, our home diffusers are high-end pieces, the result of a unique know-how of the finest European craftsmen. Each glass of our reed diffusers and totems is handcrafted in our workshops. The vessels of our totem diffusers are hand-blown by our glass artisans, creating random patterns on the glass. Our totem diffuser caps are made from hand-crafted ceramics. The decors on our diffusers are applied by hand by our craftsmen, either through the expertise of silk-screening, a glass printing technique, or through the expertise of sublimation, which consists of printing the design with natural pigments on a biodegradable film. The natural rattan sticks are selected with the utmost care to ensure progressive, constant diffusion thanks to their exceptional capillarity.

The scents of our home diffusers are unique creations created in collaboration with France's leading perfumers in Grasse, the world capital of haute parfumerie. Each fragrance is composed of a set of olfactory notes which, like music, help to transcribe the stories written by our artistic director. Perfume then becomes the vehicle that transcends your imagination, transporting you to unusual places to discover dreamlike stories. Among the many notes involved in the creation of each fragrance, 3 major notes are identified to best express the scent’s identity. The top note is the one that immediately reveals itself, soaring away to make way for the heart note, which is the one that truly characterizes the perfume. Finally, the base note sublimates the first two and completes the balance, leaving that famous trail and "THE" olfactory signature that will seduce you. Each Baobab Collection home diffuser, with its sophisticated notes, will become an indispensable part of your daily well-being.

Our luxury reed diffusers come in two different forms: diffusers and totems. Unique, high-end objects, our scent diffusers and totems are both appreciated for diffusing a delicate room fragrance through their sticks, creating a warm, pleasant atmosphere in your home. However, there are a few differences between the two designs. The vessels of our totem diffusers are hand-blown by our glassmakers. Under their breath, the motifs are placed randomly on the glass, making each totem vessels an exceptional and totally unique object. For a sophisticated, luxurious finishing touch, our totem caps are hand-crafted in ceramic in a workshop in Portugal. Our totems are available in 3 different sizes, from small to large reed diffusers: 250ml, 2L and 5L. Thanks to their inimitable design and size, totems will be perfect for perfuming rooms such as a living room or dining room and will become real decorative pieces in your home. Our diffusers are also handmade in our workshops. Their glass is silk-screened in gold or platinum, or printed using the sublimation technique. A black or white bakelite stopper engraved with roots completes the object with elegance. Our diffusers are available in two sizes, 250ml and 500ml, making them the ideal choice for smaller rooms in the home, such as bathrooms and toilets.

All our reed diffusers and totems are refillable. Our home fragrance refills come in two sizes: 500ml and 1L. Every room fragrance in our permanent collections is available as a refill. Our limited editions have no corresponding refills, but you can choose a perfume refill from one of our permanent collections. We recommend that you change the sticks in your reed diffuser with each new refill, to maintain a gradual and constant diffusion of high quality.

Our reed diffusers come in two different forms: as a diffuser and as a totem. Our diffusers are available in 2 different sizes: 250ml and 500ml. Our totems come in 3 different sizes: 250ml, 2L and 5L. We advise you to choose the size of your fragrance diffuser or totem according to the room in which you wish to place it. Smaller sizes are better suited to a small room such as a toilet or a bathroom, while larger sizes are better suited to larger spaces such as a living room or dining room. In terms of height, My First Baobab 250ml diffusers measure 15cm, while 500ml diffusers measure 19cm. 250ml totems measure 15cm, 2L totems 28cm and 5L totems 36cm. Natural rattan sticks measure 30cm for My First Baobab 250ml diffusers and 250ml totems, 42cm for 500ml diffusers, 60cm for 2L totems and 70cm for 5L totems.

Our diffusers arrive already filled, containing 250ml of home fragrance for our My First Baobab diffusers or 500ml of fragrance for our other diffusers. They also come with their sticks. Our totems arrive empty, with their matching sticks and home fragrance refills. For example, our 250ml totems come with one 500ml fragrance refill (so you can refill them twice!), our 2L totems come with two 1L fragrance refills, and our 5L totems come with five 1L fragrance refills.

The first use differs if you've chosen a diffuser or a totem. The 250ml and 500ml diffusers arrive filled with fragrance, while all totems arrive empty, with their home fragrance refills. You'll receive a box of diffuser reeds of the matching size with both your diffuser and totem. For a diffuser, place it on a flat surface. Unscrew the cap and then carefully remove the small transparent plastic stopper in the center of the diffuser. Screw the cap back onto the diffuser. Remove the diffuser sticks from their box and thread them through the cap. Your reed diffuser is ready to take pride of place in your home! For a totem, place your totem on a flat surface. Make sure to protect the surface of your furniture before filling your totem with its home fragrance, as splashes of fragrance could damage fragile materials. Open the fragrance refills and carefully pour the fragrance into the glass of your totem in the center of the ceramic stopper. Remove the rattan sticks from their box and pass them through the opening in the ceramic cap.

To maintain a progressive and constant diffusion of high quality, we recommend replacing the sticks of your scent diffuser each time you refill your diffuser with fragrance. We offer individual reeds in the size corresponding to your diffuser or totem: 30cm reeds for 250ml diffusers, 42cm reeds for 500ml diffusers, 60cm reeds for 2L totems, 70cm reeds for 5L totems. They are available in two different colors: black and natural.