Baobab Collection supports THE BREAST CANCER INTERNATIONAL GROUP: interview with the founder

Conversation with Doctor Martine Piccart

Supporting BIG and breast cancer research

Dr Martine Piccart is a medical oncologist at the Bordet Institute in Brussels and co-founder of the Breast Cancer International Group (BIG), the world's largest breast cancer research network.

Breast cancer is a widespread disease, affecting one in 8 women and one in 800 men, with around 11,000 new cases every year in Belgium. It can affect very young women, although the disease is generally more common around the age of 55-60.

Despite advances, treatment can be very demanding, and unfortunately, in the event of relapse - which occurs around one time out of four - the disease remains incurable. It is on these recurrent breast cancers that the Aurora programme and Dr Piccart focus their research efforts.

Since 2018, Baobab Collection supports BIG and breast cancer research with an exclusive collection of scented candles called Women & Gentlemen.
5% of the sales of these candles are donated to the Aurora programme.

Find out more in Dr. Piccart's interview.

We support the fight against breast cancer through the sales of the Women & Gentlemen candles. You can also support Dr. Piccart and the research by making a donation.