Sacred Trees collection

Baobab collection x Fondation Cœur vert

Sacred Trees limited edition

We’ve long wanted to get involved in the preservation of baobab trees around the world, and are therefore proud to collaborate with the Cœur Vert foundation, for which we’ve created the Sacred Trees collection. The Cœur Vert foundation is dedicated to the protection of the environment and focuses on reforestation in an action called the Great Green Wall of Africa. This organization is accredited by the UN, recognized and supported by the Ivorian government.

The Sacred Trees collection of scented candles comes in 3 glass colors enhanced with an effigy of the baobab by our artisans. 5% of this collection’s sales will be donated to the Cœur Vert foundation. This money will allow us to participate in the reforestation program located in the North of the Ivory Coast, starting with the Worodougou region.

This reforestation program begins in the summer of 2023, and our funding will initially allow the planting of 10,000 baobab trees and the creation of a vegetable garden near the village of Kani, allowing for the emancipation of women in rural communities and the improvement of their social status. We will name this garden «The Baobab Collection Garden».

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For each Sacred Trees candles bought, some baobab trees will be planted.

Journey to the heart of Africa and immerse yourself in the history of its sacred baobab trees. These giant trees, as majestic as they are imposing, are linked to mankind and African history. In Africa, it is said that man cannot survive without them. They are the only tree whose trunk can be dug out and filled with water without dying or rotting. As well as being the receptacle of a precious beverage, it houses the souls of ancestors within its roots. It flowers every spring, producing a fruit whose pulp is six times richer in vitamin C than any other fruit. Its seeds are also harvested and pressed to obtain highly nutritive oil.


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