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Baobab Collection and Ogilvy Social.Lab are committed to supporting the Saint-Pierre Hospital in the fight against COVID-19

Baobab Collection has teamed up with the communications agency Ogilvy Social.Lab to raise funds for Saint-Pierre Hospital.

Baobab Collection chose the Masaai Spirit diffuser, the brand’s iconic scent, to represent the “Scent of Hope” campaign. With each purchase of the “Scent of Hope” diffuser, an amount tota-ling € 85 will be donated to the Saint-Pierre Hospital. We would like to thank the Ogilvy Social.Lab agency for coordinating this digital campaign, as they took on its creative costs and media investments.

Thanks to this campaign, anyone can make a fragrant and elegant contribution to the fight against the coronavirus, without leaving the comfort of their home. The “Scent of Hope” diffuser is only available on our site: (free delivery).

The Saint-Pierre hospital in Brussels is the primary hospital for COVID-19 in Belgium.



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