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With the creation of our Women & Gentlemen scented candles, this year again, Baobab Collection celebrates pink october. We are supporting research against breast cancer and in particular an innovative research program, the Aurora program. This research program, which is led by the Breast International Group (BIG) based in Brussels, Belgium, will map the reproduction of malignant cells and learn about their path. It will allow us to imagine how to block these cells and ultimately make them disappear.

The Aurora study is a 10-year program costing € 28,800 per patient. It is an international and European program that has already enabled 1150 patients to participate and to keep hope for them- selves but also for all the other women who may one day be diagnosed with this disease.

We ask you to think about it every time you light a Women candle, we ask you to tell your friends, your clients, your families.

We hope that you, in turn, will follow us on the path of light and life by supporting breast cancer research in your own way and very personally.



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