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On this International Women's Day, discover the faces of those who contribute to Baobab Collection's influence.

Women's rights are championed every day at Baobab Collection.

Indeed, women are regularly honoured through the creation of our "Women" scented candle, part of the profits of which are donated to the Breast International Group (BIG) association which supports breast cancer research.

Additionally, for the past six years, Baobab Collection has used raffia as a material for some of its collections. The material is crocheted and hand-woven by Malagasy workers who are part of a rural community located a few kilometres from the capital city of Antanarivo, commonly referred to as "Tana". This cooperative now includes 40 women whose handiwork allows them to feed their families.

Finally, on this special day, the management of Baobab Collection would like to offer each woman in the company a small floral gift in recognition of their contributions.



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